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About Us

WELCOME TO BOOBUR- Boat Rental Near Me

Now it is easy to find “boat rental near me” in United States. Boobur founder, Rich Shisler was out on the water and asked his wife, “Who would you call to have access to boating if you don’t own?” And a year later Boobur sharing boats begins, Rich Shisler knew it was time to bring Boobur- Boat Rental Near Me to everyone.
Boobur connects people who want to share their passion for boating. We invite you to come on board, join Boobur, and change the way the world goes boating.

The Place to Find, Book & Make Your Water Fun Dreams Come True

Boobur is boat sharing and charter company. It was founded by Rich Shisler in 2016, who has been in boating for years before taking the helm of his own company.
We started off small, with about dozen listings from the Boston area and are out to become a leader in charter and boat sharing worldwide, Including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Aruba, Americas and Europe. We provide our service in whole USA region.
Our customers can browse and contact any boat or captain they desire with our free app.

Our Promise to You

While the company has expanded, our core values remain the same:

  • Diverse fleet of models of charters to suit every type of adventure
  • Multiple destinations to discover new grounds
  • Firm commitment to customer service excellence
  • Friendly and knowledgeable

In the beginning:

It all started with couple of listings and a simple observation: on average, among the million boats in the US, very few are used and out in the water. Maintenance, insurance, mooring a boat is expensive and with the annual expenses representing, on average, 10% of the price of the boat every year.
It was during their many visits to miscible marina’s that Richard and his wife came up with the idea of Boobur- boat rental  near me which is a collaborative platform based on sharing and trust, to allow boat owners and charters advertise, earn money.

The professional and private yacht charter platform

The principle is simple: owners can create a listing for their boat by adding pictures, a description, a price, and some advice about the sailing area. Renters can then contact them directly with the Boobur messaging service to ask any questions. Owners can talk to the renter direct and can confidently choose the right boats.
Renters can choose between mutable listed boats in within an area, benefiting from comments from previous renters and can contact the owner to ensure that their planned trip will go off without a hitch. Why not start by searching for a boat?

We provide our service in whole USA region. Users can visit on our website and book their boats, sailing boats and many more. Boobur provides captain services also. If you are new and excited to adventure then company can provide captain for your boat.